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I Bought a Wix Template, What's Next?

Getting your next project or business launched is simple and easy thanks to Alin Baho and My Wix Templates. After buying any of our selection of edited Premium Templates you'll get an email notification which you'll need to click on and accept the website template.

Once you've accepted the template you'll notice the template is now within your Wix Dashboard. To access your Wix Dashboard you'll need to go to, Sign in and you'll notice your new Wix Template within your account.

To start editing the template you bought you click "Edit Site" within the bottom left hand corner. After the editor opens your free to edit your website.

Make sure to Publish your website within the top right hand corner, if you'd like to personally have Alin Baho help you build out your next project simply leave your contact information and best to call or Text.

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