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Alin Baho - Wix SEO Professional for Hire

Alin Baho is a Professional Wix SEO Developer, Designer and Partner who brings a customized approach helping each project become successful on Google Search. Using the Wix Editor, your content and the SEO Wiz as a step-by-step method to boost the SEO of your website. Alin Baho demonstrates how to improve your online presence by highlighting weak places on your site and offering useful suggestions for improvement. I'm currently Available for SEO projects in Canada and the United States.

Wix SEO and Marketing Tools - Everything you need to know

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Wix Website SEO

Getting Started with WIX SEO Starts by hiring Alin Baho as your developer. I make it my mission to help you rank higher on Google Search with helpful insights and actions. Get SEO Help Here.

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First time SEO Setup

Setting up your Wix Website SEO can sometimes be challenging, my goal is to educate and introduce you to the tools we'll be using to get your website ready and ranked on Google Search. I provide Full Service SEO efforts.

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Business SEO

Regardless of the type of Business you own or the size of your project, Alin Baho can help optimize your business using the Wix Editor and the Wix SEO WIZ to rank higher on Google Search.

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Do Wix Websites Rank?

Yes, Wix website come with a set of powerful SEO tools built into each Dashboard. Thanks to the Wix Editor and a professional SEO Developer your SEO efforts will get the fantastic results.

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Wix Online Store SEO

For Wix Online Store owners it's important to help your website rank well on Google Search. Alin Baho can help you rank not only your website but uniquely rank each one of your products on Google Search including ranking on Google Shopping.

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Online Services SEO

If your a Yoga instructor or provide an online service such as Classes or Online Education you'll need the right Wix SEO Tools such as Wix Bookings + SEO to rank your classes higher on Google Search.

Click-Through Ratio

Making sure that your website content provides the user who is searching the content their looking for is important for improving your Google Search Click Through Ratio.

Google Search Console

Submitting your Wix Website to Google Search Console using the Wix SEO WIz or directly via Google Search Console can help you track your SEO Wix Progress.

Wix Product SEO

Ranking each one of your Store Products ion Multiple channels is important. Alin Baho can help you submit and sell your products on Etsy, Amazon, Your own Wix Website and on Google Shopping.

Small Business SEO

Regardless of the Size of your Business Alin Baho can create a unique SEO Strategy to help your website rank on Google Search with it's Services or Products.

Learn Wix SEO

Alin Baho provides Free Online SEO Learning Courses to help you better understand your Wix SEO Needs. Consider learning about Wix SEO by typing in Alin Baho Wix SEO into YouTube.

Portfolio SEO

Ranking your resume or online portfolio can help the right employer find you on Google Search. Stand out from your competitors by optimizing your online portfolio website.

Help SEO Insights

Alin Baho provides online SEO Support for business or projects that would like to continue achieving and monitoring their SEO goals and marketing efforts.

Build a Wix Website

As a Developer, Designer and Legend Partner Alin Baho has been noted as one of's most trusted Wix Developers for Hire.

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